Encrusted Heel Shoe Wide WMNS Black Gemstone Tongue Style Split Buckle BqwB5E8

Split Tongue Encrusted Buckle Style Heel Wide Black WMNS Gemstone Shoe Strengthening, Preserving and Reunifying Families

Transitional housing, treatment and recovery services for families who are willing to do whatever it takes to protect and nurture their children.

Strengthening, Preserving and Reunifying Families is a partnership with Catholic Community Services Fostering Hope Initiative and the Department of Human Services. It offers a unique, intensive treatment program for families who are struggling with the challenges of substance abuse and reduces the number of children placed in foster care. In collaboration with with Marion County Health, Children’s Behavioral Health, Adult Behavioral Health, Alcohol and Drug and Professional Peer Mentors, comprehensive counseling and support services are provided in a healthy, nurturing treatment community with safe, stable housing and child care. This comprehensive, therapeutic environment results in:
  • Increased safety and well-being of children
  • Reduced number of children who enter foster care
  • Increased number of children reunified with their families
  • Improved educational and social emotional outcomes for children
  • Strong, resilient families who help build healthy communities

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Tongue Black Gemstone Heel Encrusted Style WMNS Wide Buckle Split Shoe
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Catholic Community Services
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Bishop Steiner Building
Tongue Style Shoe Buckle Split Black Gemstone Encrusted Heel Wide WMNS
Blanc Desigual Mary Desigual Mary Jane 7vFqFUI 3737 Portland Rd NE,
Salem, Oregon 97301

Style Gemstone Split Black Shoe Heel Buckle Encrusted Wide Tongue WMNS Gemstone Encrusted WMNS Tongue Heel Split Shoe Buckle Style Wide Black
P.O. Box 20400
Salem, Oregon 97307-0400
Phone: (503)-390-2600
Fax: (503) 463-6280 | info@ccswv.org
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Black Style Wide Heel Gemstone Tongue Encrusted Shoe WMNS Buckle Split
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Encrusted Heel Shoe Wide WMNS Black Gemstone Tongue Style Split Buckle BqwB5E8 Encrusted Heel Shoe Wide WMNS Black Gemstone Tongue Style Split Buckle BqwB5E8 Encrusted Heel Shoe Wide WMNS Black Gemstone Tongue Style Split Buckle BqwB5E8
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