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The first to take to the streets against the rising tide of anti-democratic legislation was the LGBT community on July 22, 2018. They protested the government’s surrogacy law that discriminates against gay men, raising the banner of equality and drawing…

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A fantasy of partnership between two peoples

Assaf Adiv •   • 

An exhibition by artist Noam Toran at Tel Aviv’s RawArt Gallery takes us back to Arab and Jewish rail workers in 1930s Haifa and imagines an alternative to the bloody conflict between the two peoples. Instead of death and hatred,…

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  Three of President Trump’s envoys – Kushner, Greenblatt and Friedman – spent this past weekend in Israel. They worked on Friday and marked the end of the Sabbath in a West Bank settlement. Afterwards, they returned for a second…

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She was there for us

Challenge Staff •   • 

  In memory of Felicia Langer (1930-2018) – lawyer, person of conscience, fighter for human rights and a true friend, who passed away in Tübingen, Germany on June 21, 2018.   It has been many years since we last saw…

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Even Kites Shoot

“Kite terror” is what newspapers call incendiary kites that set ablaze the fields of Israeli farmers on the “Gaza periphery.” This new terror has replaced “tunnel terror,” which, in turn, was neutralized by the IDF deployment of a new detection…

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