Challenge Day

Programs That Transform Through Compassion


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Featured on Oprah, MTV's If You Really Knew Me, and 
Emmy award-winning Teen Files.

"I believe this is the very idea of Dr. King's dream fulfilled. It is the dream of giving hope a chance, giving peace a chance, giving love a chance. I'm not kidding when I say this is how we change the world." 

"My experience in high school was one of feeling disconnected. Challenge Day goes in with the intention to be loving and to listen - the greatest gift you can give a young person. If this is achieved in school, it can lead to amazing things between nations."

“Challenge Day programs are among the most impressive and effective I've seen for changing young peoples' thinking and behavior.” Oscar and Emmy-winning producer of Teen Files, MTV's If You Really Knew Me series and Scared Straight!

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“I’ve been blessed to have served Challenge Day in many capacities over the years. Every teen who is touched by the miracle of connection that happens at Challenge Day will be forever changed and empowered. This program changes lives for the better and the world we live in becomes a better place.”

"So often we despair about the violence among young people and the violence in our society. Challenge Day demonstrates another way, towards the ways of peace, relationship, non-judgment and real love."

Social justice activist, commentator, author and attorney, Van founded numerous nonprofits. Van has donated and supported Challenge Day in networking in the Oakland area.


Challenge Day offers immediate results in just one day. Our experience-based learning process is more effective than longer programs requiring more school resources.

93% of students recommend our workshops to family and friends

No training is required on your part. Our program experts are carefully selected and have passed our thorough qualification process. Two high-energy charismatic facilitators will come to your school or workplace.

25+ social and emotional learning experts who passed our 6-month full immersion training program

Challenge Days are holistic and experiential programs. Instead of talking at people, our programs engage them in exercises that provoke deep internal insights and empathy for others.

91% of students feel more supportive of others

Our carefully crafted and scripted exercises create a genuine connection between people and promote the experience of belonging. We often hear: “It was the best day of my life!”

80% of students feel more connected

Challenge Day improves social and emotional health thereby reducing behavioral problems and increasing academic outcomes.

40% reduction of instances of negative student behavior has been reported from our partner schools in Denver

Our program is carefully designed to achieve standardized social and emotional outcomes in different school and community settings, ranging from alternative to public urban and rural, and charter and private schools.

We’ve held Challenge Days for 30 years in 2200 diverse schools and communities and 10 countries around the world

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Oprah Winfrey

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